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I accepted the truth that I was actually worried and afraid… Eliot Fun fact about Greatle: In my 25th years of existence, I never experienced traveling alone… Weeks before my flight going to Manila, I already was thinking how can I live there in Manila all alone in 1 week.seems funny but truly was worried about that thing.

but sadly, even if he likes it, he cannot make it to be with me in my medical and interview trip.

I was thinking of having an “aladdin and jasmine moment” of exploring the world using the magic carpet with him…

But so impossible at that moment though because of some valid reasons.

so no choice but to accept the challenge of exploring all alone.

My handsome fiance booked a ticket for me going to Manila scheduled on August 14, 2017 and return ticket on August 21, 2017.

and since another fun fact of me is that I am not fun of costing lots of money so I tried to less the Manila expenses.

the question is: Prior to the said date, I contacted one friend of mine in k1 visa process to go along with her and have the same medical and interview date with her.

I contacted my good friend MJ (she also have an american fiance).

So my problem way back about going alone in Manila is solved.

She was from Mindanao also the same as mine so we both don’t know about Manila.

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