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Fu Xia, portrayed by Ren Yankai (Tiny Times Saga), decides to pursue Fanxing only to discover she is dating his uncle.

She decides to be stronger and replace her sister in her mother’s heart.

When Fanxing discover Siyue is her long lost sister and her mother is her own biological mother, she decides to hide the truth and let everyone be happy.

Her struggles between truth and lies will allow her to find her own happiness.

Now they have just one upped themselves – Nicky posted a single picture on weibo an hour ago that has lit up the entire entertainment C-interwebs. Anyone who has watched (and cried cried and cried some more) BBJX totally must feel the same gushing feeling of happiness for Nicky and Shi Shi plus finally getting the long overdue happy ending feels that eluded our precious beloved 4th and his Ruo Xi. * I’m only partially coherent right now and this post even took this long to write because I’ve been watching BBJX videos for the last hour since the news broke.

It was a picture of two Chinese wedding certificates along with two wedding rings and a comment about cherishing happiness. Congrats to the darling couple and wishing you cuties a lifetime of happiness!

* My bet is that all the headlines are going to go with this classic line from BBJX spoken by 8th Prince: 若曦,你终究还是跟了老四 (Ruo Xi, in the end you still went with 4).

Chalk one up for reel becoming real in a huge drama fandom wish come true.

On a side note, I hope their respective fandoms can finally get along now.

Shi Shi’s rabid Little Lions (her fans) dislike Nicky for being “too old and too much emotional baggage from being divorced” to be good enough for Shi Shi.

In turn Nicky’s devoted fans can’t stand Shi Shi fans and ergo don’t want him to be with Shi Shi if it means getting hate from that fandom.

I hope the fan feuding ends now and becomes water under the bridge.

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