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Women compliance testing in dating

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She complies and I reward her a gold star for doing this. As she passed the CT I was more confident where I was at and so suggested we go sit down to which she replied 'you read my mind'. A couple more possible ones I just thought of are: Kino test. Things that are small enough that I could easily tease it off but big enough that I can test her compliance levels.

I think this will help my escalation alot and also save me running attraction for too long cos when i get an idea that she may be interested I throw a compliance test to know clearly one way or the other. Simple questions like "What are you studying in school?

This makes it alot less haphazard as before I would just run my A2 material and 'hope' the girl would show clear iois which I've found is rather hit and miss. " are good as smaller hoops, with harder, more open ended questions like "What makes you unique? I usually like to discuss the answers with her after asking a question so it doesn't seem like I'm asking it just to be asking. Not real dancing, but play dancing like just a couple spins and maybe a dip.

As per the microcalibration model- DHV, then compliance test when she shows iois so I want some more compliance tests to fill that slot. It's a tiny hoop that she is almost guaranteed to jump through. It takes more compliance, but not as much as hand holding or kissing.

The smallest, easiest compliance test I can think of is the high five. If I don't high five, the sets are less likely to go well. Sometimes, if she is self conscious, she may not do this one, even though she wants to, so it's not a super accurate test.

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