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didn’t exactly go out with a bang, but somewhat quietly with A. (And in the fine tradition of dating reality shows, they’ve already broken up.) At least Mama Yvonne stayed out of the picture when it came down to her bambino’s final decision.

And Mauro’s feisty, candy-demanding son was a hoot. Buddy sure has some impressive customers: The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, for which he made a cake with an enormous Venus Flytrap and assorted other realistic-looking flowers (his specialty); and Dylan Lauren (of Dylan’s Candy Bar fame), for whom he made an elaborate Candyland cake.

There was also a cake with an embedded engagement ring, part of an in-store marriage proposal, which was actually quite sweet (no pun).

Despite all the yellin’, is really a very good-natured show, which is a big part of its appeal. is down to two candidates, a few notes: Tully menaced by Yvonne " data-medium-file="

Even when Buddy pulled a humiliating prank on Cousin Anthony involving a young woman/potential love interest, the kid took it in stride. in a while, which doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching it, just too embarrassed/unmotivated to document it. w=300&h=224" data-large-file=" w=500" class="size-medium wp-image-494 " title="tully in hospital" src="

Plus the whole tortured-Antonio/dominating-Mama/gullible girls dynamic was getting more than a little annoying. w=300&h=224" alt="(photo: VH1)" width="300" height="224" srcset=" w=300&h=224 300w, w=150&h=112 150w," sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" / I’ve actually started sympathizing with ex-wife Tully, who just cannot do right by Mama Sabato, who hates her guts for marrying Antonio when he was a mere stripling of 18.

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Last episode, Tully tore a stomach muscle while dismounting from a horse and wound up in the hospital with internal bleeding.Though Antonio interrupted his make-out session/date with needy Playmate Christy to rush to Tully’s side and continues to express all kinds of concern, Mama Yvonne somehow doesn’t believe her former daughter-in-law is actually “sick” (as she keeps saying).In this week’s episode, Mama visits Tully in the hospital basically to say that she has no chance with Antonio. Meanwhile, Antonio has two separate dates with the remaining contestants: a fun, sporty, action-packed day in the water with the relentlessly cheerful Brooke; and a romantic helicopter ride/blindfolded food-tasting date with Miranda, who’s getting on my nerves despite being a New Yorker.Aside from acting awkwardly girlish, she did something with cards called an angel reading, which is probably as ridiculous as it sounds.Anyway, after showing up at elimination in a wedding dress and bearing old wedding photos, Tully was gently dumped by Antonio, much to Mama’s relief. Strange show: In last week’s episode, Antonio seemed genuinely surprised to be involved in his future wedding rehearsal.I have to wonder if he’s really at the mercy of Mama and the show’s producers, who seem to enjoy springing unexpected stuff on him.If his confusion and ongoing torment over elimination has all been a big put-on, he’s a better actor than I thought.Now, on to the opposite end of the television spectrum, namely the wickedly witty , which boasted many highlights last night.So nice to see the über-talented Matthew Morrison (Will) showing off his stuff with a rousing version of “Bust a Move,” surely one of the catchiest songs to come out of the last two decades. In another great scene, Will and Sue (Jane Lynch) swing-dance energetically, part of a funny storyline involving her short-lived romance with TV newscaster (and cad) Rod.He also does a sexy dance around Ken’s bride-to-be Emma to “Thong Song” (the groom’s choice for first-dance song). This unexpected fling resulted in shockingly decent behavior on Sue’s part, before the inevitable shift back to cantankerous mode. The ep’s most hilarious moments came courtesy of Puck (Mark Salling), especially during a flashback to his family’s annual ritual of watching and eating Chinese food off separate TV trays.After his mom expresses disappointment over the fact that he doesn’t date a nice Jewish girl, Puck dreams about Rachel and wakes up realizing that she “was a hot Jew and the good Lord wanted me to get into her pants.” Then after a steamy make-out session with the reluctant Rachel (who’s still pining for Finn), he asks, “Are you questioning my badassness?

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