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Who is stanley tucci dating

Director-writer: Richard Levine Writer: Francine Prose (novel) Cast: Stanley Tucci, Addison Timlin, Kyra Sedgwick, Janeane Garofalo, Ritchie Coster Distributor: Paladin Filmmaker Richard Levine was introduced to author Francine Prose’s novel five years ago by his brother, who was attending a small liberal arts college.

“I had no idea that it would take on such a new relevance.” centers on Ted Swenson (Stanley Tucci), a once-acclaimed author who teaches writing at a small liberal arts college.

Though his marriage to Sherrie (Kyra Sedgwick) is comfortable, he finds himself drowning in discontent – stuffy departmental dinners at which he drinks too much, smug colleagues whom he dislikes yet fears he resembles, and an endless stream of students who are as untalented as they are unteachable.

But when a new pupil, Angela Argo (Addison Timlin), shows promise, Ted focuses on nurturing her career, and she appears more than willing to devote the one-on-one time required.

Basking in Angela’s youth, talent, and admiration, just as she benefits from Ted’s wisdom, experience and professional connections, it’s only a matter of time before lines are crossed.

It becomes unclear whether Ted is predator or prey and Angela is victim or victimizer.

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was revived after Levine began working with producers Jared Goldman and Wren Arthur.Goldman provided notes to “fine tune the script,” according to Levine.He also worked with casting director Avy Kaufman to tap Stanley Tucci for the lead. “It’s a role I’ve never seen him [play] but he was great. “We shot an idyllic Vermont campus in [New York],” offered Levine.Once Stanley came on board, Jared and Wren facilitated financing.” The filmmaking team also rounded out the cast including Timlin who plays the student and Sedgwick as the teacher’s wife. “It’s a composite of Fordham University in the Bronx and a seminary on 19th Street and 10th Avenue [in Manhattan], which feels like you’re back in the 19th century. It actually worked out great.” debuted at the Los Angeles Film Festival and later played fall festivals including Woodstock, where it won best ensemble cast, as well as the Denver Film Festival.We then did interiors [at various locations].” Levine headed to L. but worked on cutting the film with editor Jennifer Lee in New York. Paladin boarded the project soon after its LA festival premiere.was short-listed this year for Best Foreign Language Oscar consideration.Though it didn’t make the final five, it did win the National Board of Review’s best foreign film as well as the Silver Lion in Venice.SPC, which is opening the title Friday, also released , Michael and Dafna experience gut-wrenching grief when army officials show up at their home to announce the death of their son Jonathan.Michael becomes increasingly frustrated by overzealous mourning relatives and well-meaning army bureaucrats.While his sedated wife rests, Michael spirals into a whirlwind of anger only to experience one of life’s unfathomable twists — a twist that can only be rivaled by the surreal military experiences of his son. Samuel Maoz knows how to tell a story visually,” said SPC co-president Michael Barker.“ is borderline surreal, but also funny and intense.

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