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Who is ray william johnson dating anna

This channel has about 10.4 million subscribers currently and it has earned over 3 billion views, so there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular You Tube channels.The estimated net worth of Ray William Johnson is about million.

Ray William Johnson is also active on social networks, so you will see how to find him on Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

Ray William Johnson was born on August 14, 1981 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

He attended Norman North High School and he graduated in 1999.

After that Ray William Johnson studied history at the Columbia University. While he was still on college, Ray William Johnson started to post his first videos on You Tube.

These videos had only about 30 followers, but Ray William Johnson didn’t give up.

He made vlogs almost every day while he lived in New York City.

The first channel of Ray William Johnson where his first videos were posted was Breaking NYC, but it is deleted now.

Ray William Johnson joined You Tube in 2008, but his popularity began in 2009.

As we have already said, the You Tube channel , the most popular web series on that channel.

Ray William Johnson has usually added some jokes and humorous commentary to his viral videos. In 2011 Ray William Johnson signed a contract with Maker Studios and he produced the version of the series .

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