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Within the wide, vast world of hot take sports talk shows across the nation on TV and radio, few have the authority, ability or even willingness to discuss topics like race, gender or sexuality that veer from the norm.

And we know that might be a bit of an untraditional or non-traditional way of looking at things in sports, but we kind of say it over and over to ourselves, to remind ourselves as former newspaper people, that we’re more of a talk show. And so I think that’s the kind of approach we try to take into it.

We do our show, and eventually the viewer will catch up and learn to like it. How many options on television are there for you to get what you’re looking for?

But you can’t try to be anything other than who we are.

We can’t go out of our way to differentiate ourselves just for the sake of being different. And we watch other shows and we study other shows for presentation or graphics or in terms of the look or design or things like that.

We have no problem doing film studies on other successful shows.

But the one thing that we keep coming back to when we watch other successful shows, other successful duos, other successful talent, is that man, they don’t care about anything but them. And so we’ve kind of insulated ourselves in a lot of ways. The only person whose opinion I care about is Jemele’s. And the only person’s opinion I hope she cares about is mine [laughs].

And because we do it that way, we’re not consumed with comparing ourselves to other shows on our network, whether they come on before us, after us, opposite us. Anybody that watches His & Hers— they actually watch it— and I’m not talking looking at it and making grand assumptions based on other programming.

If they actually watch our show, it’s crystal clear that we’re unlike any other show on television.

In terms of execution, presentation, content, perspective, approach. started at the Boston Globe in 2001, and I was there from ‘01 until ‘04, covering the Patriots and the NFL.

When I came to ESPN in ‘04, my primary role was as an NFL insider. And along the way, like Jemele, I started taking on more television in various roles, I really started off at Around The Horn when I was at the Globe back in 2003.

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