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Parents need to know that there’s little reason to fret about this benign comedy series that centers on friends who lean on each other to navigate an uncertain social environment.The characters’ outsider identity can be related to kids’ own troubles with their peers, and with some parental guidance, there are positive messages here about self-confidence and sticking to personal values.

A popularity queen torments her peers by cracking jokes at their expense and intimidating them, but others' self-confidence usually puts her in her place.

Body-related humor -- like farting and a character smelling the contents of his belly button -- is common.

China never lets her youth or inexperience stand in the way of getting what she wants, and she encourages her friends to stand up for themselves against their schoolmates who bully them.

China’s parents are involved in her life and make her adhere to their family rules, but the show pokes a little fun at their authority.

Fletcher is sculpting a life size, purple zebra.]Chyna: Hey, Fletcher!

Never would have guessed...[Violet rushes in.]Violet: Fletchy!

In the hall, Lexi is lying on the floor, feet up.]Lexi: Help!

Chyna: I have noticed Olive was late, she's never late.[Chyna runs out, quickly followed by Fletcher and Violet.

It really annoys the staff, and it makes me worry about the idling busses.

She told me she always waits outside a half-an-hour before school starts so that she is always on time.

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