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New York City is one of the most visited destinations in the United States and for good reason.

It’s home to attractions like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building as well as some of the world’s best restaurants.

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New York City is very easy to get around on public transportation.

Grab a Metro card as soon as you get to the city and top it up throughout your trip as needed.

It’s often cheaper to buy a 7 day pass if you’ll be visiting for that amount of time, but if you’re not sure how much you’ll use it, you can simply put money on it as you go. Taxis tend to be more expensive, especially getting to and from the airport, so look for other options to save money.

Lyft and Uber are cheap options, as are airport shuttles.

But also consider how long it will take you to get into the city versus how much money you’ll be saving.The bus can take an hour but the shuttle might only be 30 minutes!The term street food is applied loosely, as it’s not like you’ll find in other cities.I mostly use it to mean any place that doesn’t have standard table service.Carts on the street sell everything from hot dogs and pretzels to halal-friendly gyros.Delis are also a great place to grab a meal and have just about everything you could need.Pop in for a breakfast sandwich or an afternoon snack.Hotels close to tourist attractions are much higher in price than in other neighborhoods.You won’t be hanging out in Times Square during your entire trip, so make it more of a priority to be close to the subway rather than close to attractions.Try looking for accommodation in the Financial District, the Upper West Side and even across the bridge in Brooklyn or Queens.Expect to pay about double for everything from accommodation to attractions and food.

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