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A collection of one-shots written by me for the Imagine WWE blog on tumblr. The Shield, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kaitlyn, Cody Rhodes, Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, The Miz, Maryse, Randy Orton, Justin Gabriel, Jey Uso, Jimmy Uso, AJ Lee, Dolph Ziggler, I'm running out of characters here, so etc.

Paul kept a close eye on everyone for an entire week, before picking out his new clients.

A few weeks went by and on Raw Paige and Raelynn debuted as the first Paul Heyman girls.

They were taken under his wing, and started off with a feud against The Bella Twins, about there being room for only one set of twin divas.

The long feud ended with a tag team tables match, where the losing team left WWE and The Bella's lost.

The next night on Raw, the twins ran into CM Punk."Girls, I have to tell you something.""What is it?

" Paige asked as Raelynn stood beside her."You're both doing good, too good, way too good for Paul Heyman You-""Let me stop you right there, CM Punk." Paige spoke up. Heyman is no good, and that he's holding us back from our true potential, right? A few weeks went by, and CM Punk still tried to convince the girls of what Paul Heyman was doing.""Bu-""Don't even try it, just because things didn't work out with the two of you, doesn't mean it's going to be the same with us." Paige cut him off."Yeah, were great without him, but now we're even better." Raelynn added."Can't you see he's brainwashing you! With a lot of convincing, the girls finally decided to break free from Paul Heyman, and side with CM Punk and his friend Seth Rollins.Right from the start Paige and Punk hit it off, as Seth and Raelynn did.When Phil's niece is abducted and held captive, he is sent on a mission in order to save her life. Yet, AJ begins to feel herself being drawn back to one of her old flames, CM Punk.However, at the end of the path he must make a decision: give up the woman he has grown to love or watch his niece die. And AJ refused to let that go without consequences." Now, they were the perfect example of best friends turned bitter enemies. AJ and Punk have been dating for a long time, but they haven't gone public.What decision will he make, or will he be able to overcome the odds against him. Based on the fluffiness of the recent photo sightings. Things are fine, that is, until AJ starts to fall for Punk. Will Punk and AJ realize their true feelings for one another? But who knows...maybe a certain Straight Edge Superstar and Celtic Warrior can change that. What happens when they do and nobody likes the fact that a Sweet Geek Goddess is with a Sociopathic Jerk? A continuation of the one-shot "They Don't Know About Us" by Stefani Austin. AJ Lee has vowed to destroy everyone who has wronged her in the past.Punk/AJ w/ Cena/Eve."I'll be the one I'll be the light Where you can run To make it alright" When he finds her crying in the hotel corridor he decides to try to cheer her up... The old saying goes that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Or will Punk's ex get in the way and ruin things for the two new lovers? Eventual AJ/Kaitlyn friendship with AJ/Punk and Kaitlyn/Sheamus She finally realised it. Her relationship with Dolph was beginning to fall apart. Will AJPunk stick together or will everyone's disagreement tear them apart? However, a cetain straight edge superstar keeps escaping the wrath of the Black Widow.He is the one for her, and he knows it, he just has to make her realize it. Well, no better way to experience that feeling than at an airport. X One Shot X (Sorry, I'm horrible at summary's) Sequel made by Black Widow101 called "Bundle Of Joy" Enjoy! Just as AJ gets the upperhand over him, Dolph dumps AJ for Kaitlyn. AJ Lee was on top of the Divas Division, she had it all, the title, the heat, even without Dolph Ziggler, she was a force to be reckoned with.AJ and Punk are happily married and are expecting their first child. Now, CM Punk and AJ find themselves working together to bring them down.As the pair grow close again, old feelings begin to resurface and come into play.

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