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亚洲人和西方人的社交网络 • アジアと西洋の社会的ネットワーク • 아시아와 서양인의 소셜 네트워크 The AMWF Social Network is a virtual community for Asian guys and White girls, Black girls, Hispanic girls, etc. Lots of cute and hot asian guys and girls on the site.

We are a website that promotes friendship between Asians and Westerners, encouraging cultural and language exchange among members from diverse backgrounds.

You may use this as a dating site, or to exchange interracial dating experience, or to learn Japanese, Chinese, or Korean language from our members in the site forum.

There are quite a few men who have contracted yellow fever. If you’re a relatively unaccomplished white man, you’re still very attractive to a low-class girl from Thailand who is lithe and supple, while the equivalent category of women back home you could get consists of trailer trash you wouldn’t go near with a ten-foot pole (thanks to reader Nick for pointing out this correspondence).

On the other hand, if you’re an accomplished whitey, you may get a top-shelf Asian woman who went to a name-brand university, is good-looking and petite — and blows her Western competition out of the water because she has a much more pleasant personality.

In the best case, she may be nice, smart, hot, and fetishize you as much as you fetishize her.

I have certainly been noticing that a lot of men who could easily have gotten a Western girl prefer Asians.

This is particularly ironic because feminists and cucks alike shame top-shelf men for dating Asian, claiming that they only do that because they are not “man enough” for a Western woman.

This is quite similar to how we’re all losers because we’re not “strong enough to date single moms”. If you can have either A or B, and you deliberately pick A, then it’s because you prefer that option.Anti-Asian tirades don’t seem to have much of an effect. For instance, recently I googled for phrases like “Asians stealing our men”, which made for some particularly enjoyable reading.The most hilarious one was on a neo nazi forum (nope, won’t link to it), where those nazi women were complaining that Asian girls were stealing “their men”.Here’s an excerpt: A while back, I was part of a co-ed recreational volleyball team that was all white.Most of the guys were taken, except for this one cute guy that I liked.One of the girls on my team invited an Asian girl onto the team.Immediately, that Asian and the cute guy start hitting it off, and by the end of the season, they were dating. Why do we let Asian women into our social circles when their sole purpose is to steal our men?I’m not sure whether I should be mad at the guy who went after the woman, the Asian, or the girl that brought her onto the team! It’s like cuck men complaining that white women date black men, instead of them.Yet, I don’t think there are many high-quality white women who slum it.Still, there is a potential problem: if the more eligible among white men go Asian, it leaves fewer of them for white women, so they would have to resort to other ethnicities to which they may not feel the same attraction for. Then think about the fact that many Western women believe that they can slut it up in their 20s, while their Asian peers will want to marry and settle down — being 27 and unmarried is a dreadful prospect for a Chinese woman.So, a white man who wants to settle down would have to choose between swathes of wall-hitting Western women post-clubbing age, or a more traditional Asian woman that is much younger and likely to treat her man better. But, hey, guys like Zuckerberg are surely losers for marrying Asian.

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