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What women want alpha male dating advice and build confidence

As a dating coach for smart, strong, successful women, I spend a LOT of time talking to women on the phone about their love lives. The attractive alpha males are egocentric commitment-phobes.

You have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them.

You have close relationships with friends and family.

He’s not on the road 40 weeks a year, but he works 60 hours a week. ” What nice guys don’t realize is that you’re not looking for a man to cater to your whims. He might as well ask you that awful question: “What do YOU want to do?

Both men claim to want to find love, but aren’t willing to sacrifice for it. It’s not that they’re bad people, it’s that they don’t have much to give to the relationship. It’s the most important thing in the world for them. You’re looking for a man to lead, to make sound decisions, to drive the car while you ride shotgun. And, believe it or not, you may be at the root of it. You tell him you’d prefer one in a different part of town. You tell him that you weren’t crazy about the reviews. ” Hey, at least he knows you’re not going to shoot down your own idea.

Thus, you have two choices – get out of the relationship, or accept that you’ll always come in second to his work or freedom. To be waiting on a guy, to have the strongest feelings for him… Which is why they’re always asking you how to do it. Yet the guys who do that – the leaders – are often the most arrogant, most difficult, most combustible ones around. Well, if it’s not by trying to change the alpha male, what do you have left? You want the nice guy to lead, but you refuse to let him do it. I remember the first time I brought this concept up to a private dating coaching client.

only to learn that he’s not willing to put forth the effort or commitment necessary to make you feel safe. Here’s the thing about nice guys: They really want to please you. She’s mid-40s, attractive, vice president of a big company.

It happens all the time, and it’s a crushing feeling. Definitely an alpha female – a woman who can intimidate men but really wants a man who is stronger than she is.

She was explaining to me how annoyed she was with this new man she was dating.

“It was bad enough when he took me to a dive bar with live music.

But then, when he sensed that I wasn’t happy, he asked me where I wanted to go instead!

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