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What internet dating descriptions really mean

Discover what he really means in his online dating profile.Since one in five relationships now begins online, most of us have either posted or at least viewed various profiles.Some are straightforward, lengthy, playful, sparse or even downright misleading.

But scantily clad pictures and interesting backgrounds aside, it's the words that ultimately grab our attention and tell us whether he's a maybe, a no-go or a potential keeper.

Because women typically tend to be better at expressing what they want, they spell it out plainly.

On the other hand, women complain that guys don't explain what they want. Before you check out another dating profile and hit reply, consider the following:1.

When a guy says, "I want a woman who takes care of herself and eats healthy," he means exactly that.

He's saying that if you're not in shape, if you don't live a healthy lifestyle, then a relationship with him isn't going to work.

If you're overweight, chubby, 'thick-boned' or just have a little extra cushion for the pushin', this guy might give you a chance ... So do yourself a favor, be honest with yourself before you reply.Rapid Fat Loss: Your Key To A Smokin' Hot Bikini Bod2.If he mentions he "likes to travel and wants to experience new places and new things," again, he means that!So if you're a hom body or prefer the couch with a other variation of these words, then take the hint.Some guys post their status as looking for a relationship.Yet, when you read the fine print you see that he is looking for something completely different.So beware because you're probably not the person who is going to change his mind..least no time soon!Why More People Are Choosing Friends With Benefits4.If his profile reads, "blah blah blah," you can't learn much about him.Sometimes, guys get extremely frustrated if they're unable to find a suitable partner right away, which could lead to a post that vents his frustration.This type of guy doubts that he'll find anyone, so he posts the same words over and over again, which again deters him from actually meeting anyone. You can take a chance and send him a message in hopes that he will actually have something to say. Accept the profile at face value—he is a guy who doesn't take looking for relationships seriously—and simply move on. If he says, "I'm a workaholic," or mentions work more than a few times in his post, you'll need to be strong with an equal amount of work and/or hobbies to keep you busy, because this guy sure won't.

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