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Luke Macfarlane sure does have quite a long relationship history, but it was with one other personality that became the talk of the town once.Let’s find out about him and his dating history as much as we can.

This was only assumed to be a relationship and was not confirmed. In an interview with in 2008, Luke talked about his experience in coming out as gay and how it influenced his career, life as well as the various factors that affected his action.

When questioned with how he thought his decision to come out of the closet would affect him personally he replied with I feel strongly that there is a distinction between revealing my sexual preference and my most private thoughts.

My sexual preference is one irrefutable aspect of me, like the color of my skin.

I’ve never been interested in revealing intimate details about my life.

The concern with engaging with the media has to do with trying to make sure they will understand this difference.

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