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This was posted on Monday, July 3, 2017 by Rodney Ho/[email protected] his AJC Radio & TV Talk Sometimes, season finales get overblown and end in a thud. We kinda sorta got an answer to Kirk Frost‘s paternity situation and his marriage situation with Rasheeda.

We saw Tommie Lee and her mom Samantha start down the path of reconciliation. Joseline repeated her ultimatum to Stevie J: drop Esterita or she’s moving to Miami.

And the tentative detente between Joseline and Stevie J? “We’re going to be everything or nothing,” she says.

So he kept Esterita and skipped out on a planned joint Wendy Williams show appearance.

(Yes, their absence was a big deal in the gossip columns.) “No one controls Stevie J but Stevie J,” he says.

“The good guy is living large and he’s always in charge.” What’s worse is Joseline became increasingly uncooperative with the show. But Mimi was right: motherhood didn’t change Joseline when it came to her overall attitude.

The producers even showed some of her “behind the scenes” obstinence and nastiness as well as some of her “greatest hits” from past seasons to show she has been difficult for the producers to control for years. *** Kirk Frost has rarely gotten full-out angry on this show – until today. “You want your mom at home, not in jail,” Tommie says.

She refused to let the show shoot her in New York when Stevie J didn’t show up for the Williams show. Knowing full well he’s a lying cheater, he gets way too defensive as Rasheeda’s mom Shirleen laid into him over not getting a DNA test. Antney tells Samantha: “You were supposed to take it.” Karen King says she should have said: “I’m sorry and I’m going to do better as a mother.” The other moms say they need a therapist.

He starts accusing her of trying to break up the family and the producers for sowing needless drama. “Samantha is not owning up to her responsibility for the pain she caused her daughter. “These ladies need much more than the mother’s club.” Tommie decides to meet her mom with a professional counselor Dr. When the doc asks why Tommie has a hard time dealing with her mom, she says it’s because she’s a liar. “You don’t have a common understanding,” Blake says.

He does all this yelling and yelping in earshot of his kids. She doesn’t know it’s an intervention for her and her mom Samantha. Deb Antney, Waka Flocka’s mom, tries to create proper ground rules: Tommie’s mom has to “listen with your ears, not your mouth.” In other words, be humble and don’t take the criticism as criticism. Naturally, Samantha takes but a few seconds to get defensive when Tommie doesn’t want a hug, saying: “We’re not on hugging terms ever.” “What is the reason we can’t be mother and daughter? Tommie wants her mom to make proper amends to her but doesn’t feel like she’s ever gotten them.

“He got to get mad at someone and takes it out on me,” Shirleen says as she walked away. In a separation agreement he handed to her, he turns all primary assets over to her in case they do separate and divorce and Jasmine goes after them. ” Samantha bemoans, before telling Tommie: “You’re colder than me.” Antney quickly realizes this is going south as Samantha defends her 17-year-old self for not knowing any better and not knowing how to be there for her daughter. “I took penitentiary chances for you.” So much for listening to poor Tommie. Samantha can’t deal with Tommie’s accusations yet again and walks out. The bottom line: Samantha is incredible fragile and feels massive guilt. Let’s do one day at a time,” the therapist advises her once she calms down. “I love you so much,” she burbles as she hugs Tommie. I’m sorry for how I made you feel.” This is a breakthrough. “I may actually have a mother again.” In the meantime, Tommie focuses on her two daughters, hoping she never feels estranged from them the way she has felt about her mom.

Rasheeda is receptive to that and ultimately signs the agreement to separate. “He knows the impact of what he’s done.” Rasheeda also learns Logan is not the father, which puts “the bull’s eye on Kirk’s back,” she notes. “In order to heal, you’ve to feel the pain,” Blake tells her. And in the most pointless scene of the night, we get Tresure acting the fool yet again.

It seems like the producers need one more physical fight to close out the season. They had Tresure and Moriah inexplicably visit Lovely Mimi at her new nail salon despite the fact neither woman has gotten along with her. Mimi quickly tore into the fact both Tresure and Moriah were side chicks, questioning their morality with a self-satisfied attitude that didn’t sit well with the ladies.

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