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Updating unlocked iphone to 2 2

If your i Phone says “No Service”, you can’t make or receive phone calls, send text messages, or connect to the internet unless you’re using Wi-Fi.It’s easy to forget how integral our i Phones have become in our lives — until they don’t work.In this article, I’ll explain why your i Phone says No Service and show you exactly how to fix it.

If you’re on top of a mountain, you wish to return to society before you continue.

If you’re not, let’s stop your i Phone from saying No Service for good.

Carriers cancel customers’ accounts for all sorts of reasons.

I’ve heard of cases where i Phones were disconnected because the carrier suspected fraudulent activity, the customer’s payment was late, and about disgruntled spouses who didn’t want to hear from their ex.

If any of these reasons resonate with you, give your carrier a call, just to make sure everything’s OK.

Your i Phone will say No Service if your account was cancelled, and this is a common, yet easily-overlooked reason for this problem.

If you discover the No Service problem being caused by your carrier, check out my cell phone savings calculator to learn how you could save hundreds of dollars a year by switching things up.

If it’s not your carrier’s fault (and most of the time this problem isn’t), it’s time to take a look at your i Phone’s software.

of people’s i Phones said No Service after Apple released i OS 8.

Although that problem has long since been resolved, i OS updates always contain a slew of fixes for less-common software bugs that can cause the no service problem.

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