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Mention the word "carriers" and you get mixed reactions.Some complain about their service with this company, or how their family plan isn't so family friendly.

Whenever a new smartphone or tablet is released, it generally has at least a couple years to receive updates before the manufacturer calls it quits.

Of course, this varies depending on a number of factors, most importantly being where it sits on the product line.

If it's a mid-range to high-end device, you're probably good. Mobile manufacturers have gotten significantly better over the past several years with keeping their devices up to date.

Motorola for example wasted no time after the announcement of Android 5.0 Lollipop in October 2014, rolling out the update on November 24 to the Moto X Pure Edition.

Sadly, AT&T customers wouldn't receive the update to Lollipop for another several months. Said carrier must ensure it works properly on their network, and tests it before rolling out to customers.

Why can it take several months for one group to receive an update over another? The process can be very time consuming, but we can't fault AT&T too much in the case of Lollipop landing on the 2nd gen Moto X.After all, Android 5.0 had some bugs, to say the least, with version 5.1 hopefully resolving those issues.Here at Tech Radar, we got wondering: Out of the big four, which carrier is the best and which is the best and worst at Android updates?We'll look at four different flagship smartphones from four major manufacturers released in 2014.For the sake of transparency, we'll first cover when the manufacturers actually had an update ready.With the Galaxy S5, an update started rolling out mid-January.The HTC One M8 also received 5.0 Lollipop around the same time while the LG G3 was further behind.As we previously stated, Motorola was on top of its game, slowly rolling out the update to its 2nd gen Moto X in November.Verizon was the first US carrier in rolling out Android 5.0 to the 2nd gen Moto X, surprising "Pure Edition" owners in the second week of November.The Pure Edition costs 9, and is an unlocked, carrier bloatware-free version.It would take another couple months for all Verizon phones to see the update.

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