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Updating firmware router

Want to block ads on your computer regardless of the browser you use? Here’s one way if you have a Tomato firmware based router – Open up your router’s webpage -Go to Administration -Click on the tab WAN Up – (Be prepared to visit the webpage at the bottom of this post – make sure the formatting of quotes and the script is correct before continuing. Open your router’s webpage, delete the code and click save. threads/all-u-need-ad-blocking.33191/#post-163489 IMPORTANT -Always backup your router. Be prepared to reset your router if this does not work on your router.

&& b64=”b64″ b64() chmod 775 $ADB $ADB AUP Click on save after entering the code above.


XDS110 is a low cost embedded MCU debug probe which has derived from the Stellaris ICDI debug probe family.

The debug probe has a Tiva Snowflake (TM4C129) as the debug processor.

XDS110 includes SWD/SWO and Energy Trace™ functionality.

It offers a balance of low cost with features between the super low cost XDS100 and mid range XDS200 classes of JTAG debuggers.

Embedded (on-board) XDS110 debug probes are compatible with Code Composer Studio™ development environment version 6.1.0 and newer.

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Standalone XDS110 Debug probes (TMDSEMU110-U) require CCSv7.0.0 or later.XDS110 is currently available in both standalone or embedded versions.Some embedded debuggers featured on development kits can function as a standalone debugger to custom boards. Available kits/probes with XDS110: Watch the video below to learn about the contents of the standalone XDS110 Debug Probe.Check MSP432 results shown in the XDS Performance comparison page.When using CCSv6.1.1 or CCSv6.1.0 with TI Emulators package version or newer, the firmware on the XDS110 is updated automatically when connecting from inside CCS.If manual updating or diagnostics is required, using a Windows host is highly recommended.Close any instances of CCS that are running in your system.Open a Windows Command Prompt and issue the following commands: When using multiple debug probes in the same host, in general it is necessary to properly differentiate each debug probe by serial number.To find out what is the serial number of all connected debug probes, follow steps 1 and 2 above If you want to set the serial number to a specific value: Energy Trace technology for MSP430/2 microcontrollers is an energy-based code analysis tool that measures and displays the application’s energy profile and helps to optimize it for ultra-low-power consumption.The tool can be used in three modes: Specifically for XDS110, currently the only board that supports Energy Trace is the MSP432 Launchpad.MSP432 devices support ET and ET but do not support ET as there is no support for profiling peripherals.

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