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I'd like to know if all of these projects are active.Current idea is to run a query that returns the most recent update date or create date for any issue, one for each project. If you have a better way to gather this information would love to hear it.

The columns that are not on the list retain their original values.

Could you please describe what are the benefits of using the Auto Create Statistics and Auto Update Statistics options?

I am also curious about how these statistics are automatically created and updated. How do the statistics increase the performance of your SQL Server query execution?

The statistical histograms are used by the Query Optimizer to choose the optimal query execution plan.

If a query predicate contains a column with statistics, the Query Optimizer does not have to estimate the number of rows affected by that query, thus the Query Optimizer has enough information to create the execution plan.

The SQL Server creates statistics in different ways: When you set the AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS option on, the Query Optimizer creates statistics on individual columns used in a predicate, if these statistics are not already available.

These statistics are necessary to generate the query plan.

They are created on columns that do not have a histogram in an existing statistics object.

The name of the auto-created statistics includes the column name and the object ID in hexadecimal format: _WA_Sys_.

These statistics are used by the Query Optimizer to determine the optimal Query Execution Plan.

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