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Updating clob data

You can also insert data using the 'traditional' method you'd use when using a command line or SQL Plus.

Return to the SQL Worksheet and enter the command: Insert into departments (DEPARTMENT_ID, DEPARTMENT_NAME) Values (300, 'Research'); Click F9.

To keep the EMPLOYEES tab and the DEPARTMENTS tab open, click the Freeze View pin before selecting the new object.

If you always want new tabs to open, you can set a preference to pin tabs. Update that record by clicking on any of the values and changing it.

Notice that once you have updated the record, an asterisk (*) shows next to the record.

As before, click the Commit Changes to update the record in the database.

You can use this method to update multiple records, but you still need to step through each record and click on the field to update the record.

This can be cumbersome if you have multiple records.

To update multiple records, it's easier to use a SQL statement.

update departments set manager_id = 108 where department_id in (120, 130, 140); Commit; 200; Note: You can use F9 to execute the last statement, or F5 to execute all in the SQL Worksheet.

If you want to use F5 for a single statement then you can select the statement and click F5.

HINT: CTRL Enter will execute the single statement your cursor is on.

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