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You must flow in order for love to unfold naturally.

Letting love unfold naturally isn’t about being passive and letting whatever is meant to be, happen.

It’s actually about being active and takes self-awareness, self-reflection and a conscious approach.

My fears got in the way My fears around full self-expression caused me to not say what I really meant because I was afraid of hurting his feelings (that’s what I told myself when it was really about me being uncomfortable with expressing myself because of what might happen) and not letting him know how much I liked (or loved) him because I was afraid he didn’t feel the same way about me (what this really meant is I was afraid of rejection).Because of my fears, I wasn’t able to build and sustain a meaningful connection.What kept showing up were nice men who weren’t able to fully express themselves, until I did the inner work to resolve these fears.I made assumptions Whenever the man I was dating or in a relationship with would say and do something that caused me to question and doubt things, I gave my own meaning to his words and actions by interpreting what I thought was going on.In other words, I believed the stories I created about these questionable and doubtful things, and in the process, asked friends and family what they thought was going on.Many times, the assumptions I made, caused me to misinterpret the truth.Questioning, doubting and making assumptions about what these men said and did never gave love a chance to flow.When I finally learned to be more forthcoming about my concerns, I made less assumptions and experienced things with more ease.I tried to control things Being in control of most areas of my life led to success, except in my love life.When it came to love, I tried to control how I wanted things to happen.The more I tried to control, the less things happened the way I wanted them to.

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