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Troubleshooting updating bios on a7n8x deluxe

Back when NVIDIA first announced they were entering the chipset market, one couldn?

t help but wonder if companies like Via, Intel and Si S were looking over their shoulders.

Certainly on-line media was eager to see if they were going to be able to inject new energy into an otherwise bland industry that was often full of hype. s history, most particularly with the evolutionary process from the KT266A to the KT400, will understand what we mean.

When the KT333 became reality, soon the lack of any real performance gains over the KT266A .

A similar pattern followed with the KT400 where it offered minimal differences in performance compared to the KT333, or KT266A for that matter.

Could NVIDIA offer something that the others couldn? Were they going to simply present us with their interpretation of technologies already available or were they willing to think outside the box?

With the introduction of the n Force chipset, we soon found the latter to be true.

NVIDIA made a serious effort to offer a product that was full of new technology and features, as well as performance that was competitive with anything else available at the time.

Recently, NVIDIA added a new chapter to their chipset story for the Athlon platform, with the introduction of the aptly named n Force2.

We were eager to see if they were going to ride on the success of the original n Force or if they were going to approach the next generation chipset with the same vigor and creativity they demonstrated with their original offering.

Back in June, Marco and I met with NVIDIA in New York City and were introduced to a prototype board built around the new chipset.

In the end, we walked away with a good feeling about what we saw.

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