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Trends of interracial dating

That’s what new research from the mobile dating app Clover would suggest.

“In Alabama, we found that the top mixer was 'White Men For Black Women,' and in New York we found the [most popular] was 'Netflix and Chill.'” In some states, the most popular mixers appear not to be centered around romance so much as the prospect of making new friends.

In Mississippi, the most popular mixer is 'Tall Girl Problems;' in Minnesota, it’s 'Snapchat Buddies.' Then you’ve got the states that are dominated by more explicitly intimate interests, like Montana with 'BDSM' as its top mixer and Texas with 'Sex Tonight.' “I’ve got no idea where any of the ideas for these come from, or why [certain mixers] are popular in a place,” said Raichyk.

Experts in psychology and dating fields, on the other hand, may find some rhyme and reason to the regional trends.

“According to studies, Oklahoma comes up at the top of the worst states in the country for overall mental health including rates of anxiety disorders,” said clinical psychologist Dr.

Kim Chronister, referring to the city whose most popular mixer is 'Socially Awkward Singles.' “Social Anxiety is a mental health condition and although it is treatable, unfortunately, the majority of Oklahoma residents receive no treatment due to lack of access of help." Shawnda Patterson, dating coach, Youtube vlogger, and author of "The Dating Game: How to Find Yourself While Looking For Mr.

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