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Trekkie dating

Art Director Richard Taylor recalled, "To design the models for the show I hired an exceptional team of designers. Andy was a true Star Trek expert and knew all the mythology of the series.

Besides, as Harold said, it's supposed to be a redesigned Enterprise in the script, so that should explain any deviations from the original.

Well, this was just another manifestation of aberrated behavior, and my job was to keep these little aberrations contained." (Return to Tomorrow - The Filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, pp.

201-202) A decade later, the consummate Star Trek fan Probert would actually resign his illustrator position after the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation over perceived violations of Star Trek-continuity.

Scenic Artist Doug Drexler, who in effect started out in Star Trek fandom, has elaborated in the Trek Radio Q&A interview session of 22 January 2011, "If you were a rabid fan, you know, you kept it low key.

The thing was, that when I came on The Next Generation, I wasn't just, I'm not saying I was anything special or anything, I had just come from Dick Tracy.

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