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Transas enc updating

Many believe ECDIS has changed the way we navigate our ships.Rightly so, after all we see our ship all the times on the chart.

They argue that shrinking the width and height of paper chart to a 21 inch screen can bring too many confusions.

They also argue that ECDIS should not be primary means of navigation till the time all ambiguities are eliminated and procedures streamlined. In this post I am trying to streamline some of the procedures related to ECDIS.

I strongly believe that if we deal with the ECDIS with correct approach, it would not be that difficult as it might look, specially to the seafarers working with the ECDIS for the first time.

The correct approach is comparison with the paper chart. I believe if everyone deal with ECDIS with that approach, it will just be a cake walk. If we know how to do each of this on ECDIS, we know most about ECDIS.

Do you know how to do all this on ECDIS and with ENCs ?

If yes, you can consider yourself trained in the practical use of ECDIS.

But as the ECDIS is still evolving, you should keep your arms open for new updates and not be complacent.

In this post I will be discussing how to order ENC (Electronic charts) and also how to correct ENCs on ECDIS.

There are hundreds of makers for ECDIS, each having different procedures, menu and layouts.

However the basics of the operations are same with all of these.

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