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Teen dating advice for girl 20

It’s not easy being a teen girl and not easy parenting one.

A lot of parents who come are worried about their daughters and feel frustrated, ineffective, and “locked-out” of the relationship they hoped to have — one where they could consult, guide, love, and enjoy their teen daughter in this final stage of childhood.

I also have two teen girls of my own and literally go from teen girls in my office to teen girls in my home in a five-minute commute.

My girls are at opposite ends of the spectrum in many ways.

One just turned 18 and is finishing high school while the other just turned 14 and is finishing middle school.

One is easy-going but private, sharing information with me on strictly a “need-to-know” basis.

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I’ve had to modify my natural communication inclinations and evolve specific skills that work with her.

My other daughter shares a lot and has an intense and passionate nature.

Likewise, I’ve grown to “learn” her and manage myself in important ways in order to parent her the best I can.

I notice other parents with more than one child also experience their kids as vastly different in basic temperament.

I do not write about parenting teen girls because I do everything right with my two teen daughters.

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