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I’m dating a guy who is three years younger than me.This is something that, for whatever reason, almost always illicits weird reactions from people.

Speaking to the i newspaper, the actor said: "We all have secure emails now.

When you get on set the call sheets, the list of scenes for the day and which characters are in them, [but] each character has a code name and unless you knew the key you wouldn't be able to figure out which character was interacting with others."Your pages of dialogue for the day have to be signed for in the morning and then given back at the end of the day."Although Joe is in one of the most popular TV series to ever hit the small screen, the actor admitted he never used his 'Game of Thrones' fame during Gendry's hiatus from the show from the end of season four until his recent return in order to further his career.

He said: "The girl sent a video to my agent of her talking to her webcam saying she thought I looked very nice and would I like to go on a date with her."A week after, she sent it to everyone I had ever interacted with on Twitter, including my ex-girlfriend's mum."Video two starts with her on a piano."She starts singing a song about me, and as she gets into the first verse this chorus of male backing singers come up behind her."After Joe failed to respond to the girl's electronic advances, he received a third video.

He said: "It was her farewell video."By now everyone in Game of Thrones had seen it and Oona [Chaplin - who plays Talisa Maegyr] started tweeting her back."Joe decided to reward her for her videos with a special response."I freeze-framed the video and my friend took a photo of me kissing her face, and I sent it too her."Game of Thrones has become an international phenomenon since it was first broadcast in 2011.

While there's no official confirmation that the 17-year-old actor and his 15-year-old co-star have a budding romance, a quick peek at their social media accounts will reveal that the two spend Most recently, Chapman posted a pic in which the two are cuddling up together, simply captioning the shot with an angel emoji.

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