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Single parent dating tonto basin arizona

Hello ladies I'm John Paul born and raised in the New York City area.

I've written a few different profiles that I think give up far too much info.

Things that should be learned during the courtship of a women and learn about each other as you go.

I'd like that she is fun , enthusiastic and isn't afraid to try something she's never done before.

Someone that will be by your side through thick and thin.

To be close and intimate, Passionate and sit and weed out problems once in a while instead of letting things fester, to communicate is what I'm trying to say I guess and just be there for each other.

I'm a great guy who's integrity dosn't have to be challenged.

I'm open and honest and have immense respect for women.

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I enjoy sitting down with seniors and talking to them, you can always learn something from them.

I think being in love with a woman is the greatest high I can have, the feeling you feel when everything is just right and you have the right one is a wonderful feeling!

I've had three life threating experiences that should have killed me but when the smoke cleared I was still standing, Thanks to God, my Mom and Dad and family and friends. Always stop and say hello and help a senior you may be the only one they have contact with all day!

A relationship is a lifelong committment and sex is just a small part of the committment but very important and if all else is good sex will take it's natural course of action if you love each other.

Be honest, open and truthful with your partner and tell her from time to time how much you love her, she may not be there one day, treat her with respect, women are God's little blessings to men...

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