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My name’s Adri and I’m looking for friends and maybe more ^^ I’m 14, panromantic asexual, and a demigirl!

I’d prefer that I don’t say anything about what I like here so we can get to know each other in chat; hope that isn’t too much of a problem!

My english is not perfect, but my portuguese is (I hope so) and I can also try spanish.

I am a pharmacist currently studying to turn myself an oncologist.

I like Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, colors, lights, animals, books, tv series, movies and games.

If you want someone to watch a tv serie and comment with you, maybe I’m your person.

I don’t like my smile and that’s why I have no pics smiling.

I love to travel, discover new places and flavors and I also have a tattoo about it.

If you live far away, how about considering spending your vacations in Brazil? My sense of humor and skills for talking dependind on the subject, I can be very shy or a talker.

I can be very creative, so if I like you, it doesn’t matter if you live on the other side of the planet, I’ll find a way to surprise and make you feel loved.

My tumblr says a lot about the kinda person I am and what I intend to be. I’m a tiny gay nerd who likes to draw and read comics!

I already talked somethings about me, so if you wanna discover my other side, send a message. Sometimes I play some video games but mostly I nap 😂 Oh and I have a soft spot for p much every animal, and that’s my snek Osiris Insta: @ Syn.draws Tumblr: @ legeeksquad🎂 Just turned 27 👩‍❤️‍👩 single butch Lesbian 🌈 Looking for LGBT friends and more(femme gf??

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