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Speed dating is a fun, friendly and easy way to meet new like-minded singles in your area.At one of our speed dating events, you will date up to 14 singles in one night!

Within a short amount of time, you can tell whether there is chemistry between you and your dates.

You can also know whether you share the same interests, values, beliefs and much more.

We believe it is easier to connect with people face to face, it is hard to get a “feel” for someone online.

In this modern day, being single and finding a partner can be a daunting and challenging task, however we make it simple, with fun and affordable speed dating events, we take care of everything so you can focus on all the dates. Register now to get updates on our upcoming events.

We recently partnered up with SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium for a special unique valentine’s day event in their new Penguin expedition experience which showcases their cute and adorable Gentoo and king penguins.

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King penguins are the second largest in the penguin family and when I first laid eyes on them I was amazed.SEA LIFE’s […] Continue Reading When it comes to being single and looking for the right partner, it is not hard to realise that dating can be tricky endeavor.With millions of free dating sites and dating apps, it is easy to question why you should pay money to meet singles when you can sign up to hundreds of free […] Continue Reading Whilst it may seem biased for us to write an article on why you should try speed dating, it is because we are passionate about helping people find love in their lives and we believe speed dating is one of the best ways to meet and connect with new people as well as potentially find your future […] Continue Reading We all want to leave the best impression possible when it comes first dates, there are many things to consider when organizing to meet up with a potential partner.We have had plenty of singles who have attended one of our speed dating events ask us how to make their first dates great. I’m suspicious about the simplicity of this myth and how is assumes that this is an either-or scenario in which woman and man are interchangeable pieces. I wish that I could meet the person with whom this lie started and pick their brain.Even if we completely ignore that gender is a social construct and exclusive of sex and even sexuality (which we shouldn’t) it must be understood that dating any human is a complex web of emotions, programming, values, and interactions.Neither women, nor men as a group are a monolith in any way.Additionally, if you identify as woman and you are attracted to and want to date women, that may be the easiest part-- knowing what you want. I suspect that part of this myth is rooted in the belief that two women will function together better in a relationship because they will just know and understand each other. The relationships with the women in my life (relatives, friends, and lovers) are not just easy.Considering the emotional labor that can be part of the process in coming to that knowing, I fully acknowledge how understated that sentiment is. It is through purposeful communication and interaction that we have fostered ease.When we add to that the societal/familial/religious expectations around dating, it further removes us from the myth of simply dating someone who looks like you. In my experience because of all the things, experiences, and understanding of what woman are, it takes work to be in relationships with one another.

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