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Signing and dating prints

Signing your art is an integral part of the creative process.The instant you apply your name to a piece of your art, you declare it to be officially done and ready to go public.No matter what your signature looks like, what form it takes or where you put it, no work of your art is complete without one.

This is especially true the better known or more famous an artist eventually becomes. Maybe they think everyone already knows who they are. So rule number one-- and by far the most important rule-- sign your art. Anyone outside the immediate inner circle is pretty much screwed.

Maybe they think everyone will continue to know who they are for all eternity. So rule number two is sign your name clearly enough for anyone to read it. You don't necessarily have to sign the front of the art, or legibly on the front of the art, but make sure you clearly sign or otherwise label or identify your art as being by you somewhere, anywhere-- as long as it's directly on or attached to the work.

It can be on the back, the bottom, the sides, the edges-- anywhere as long as it's somewhere.

Artists sign their names illegibly for a variety of reasons, similar to the reasons of artist's who don't sign at all.

Some think it looks good, some do it to impress people, others think their work will always be identifiable as theirs whether or not anyone can read or recognize their names, still others feel that an unreadable signature has a mystique or cache about it, an "only special people can read it" quality. Sadly, so many artist signatures of all time periods are difficult or impossible to read that they've become a significant problem in the marketplace, and identifying them, an industry in itself.

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