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Sarita Devi*, a 50-year-old widow in the Gorkha district of Nepal has taken on the task of clearing the rubble at the boarding school next door to where she lives.Her own house still stands after the earthquake, but the school was severely damaged.

Devi has no official connection with the school but she is a widow with no immediate family to look after, so she has volunteered to help clean up the school so that once reconstruction material gets in, it can be repaired as early as possible.

She also keeps a check on the chairs, tables, and any other material, all now exposed to the elements, to be sure they don't get stolen. When Devendra Tak of Save the Children India spoke admiringly of her efforts, she said simply that she felt sorry for the children, that they had to see their school in this condition.

Her own grown children are away working in India - a common story in remote villages.

She has not been able to contact them since the earthquake struck, and knows they will be worrying about her; she hopes one of her sons will return to the village soon. In these remote, hilly regions the process of recovery will have to be led by the communities themselves, but many of the younger men, like her sons, are away; others who have lost employment through the effects of the earthquake will soon be following.

Any who remain will have to trek large distances to get hold of essential supplies and reconstruction materials.

So it is the women who clear the rubble, collect water from nearby streams, and search the fields to find any vegetables that may be still left.It is they who are tending to the injured and managing the children, many of whom are traumatized, and unable to go to school.Earthquakes destroy indiscriminately - they take no account of gender. In villages where men's and women's roles are strictly defined, to get help to where it is needed, relief agencies need to notice who is doing what, and who is most vulnerable.In Nawalparasi district Deepak Sharma says: “Lots of women activists have led the relief fund collection and distribution in affected areas” - and many of them got their first experience of organising through women’s savings co-operatives.Archana Tamang Lama Nepali, a consultant who works with a number of different organisations, says: “Action Aid’s relief work is almost entirely led by women.Local women are leading the collection, distribution and social audits of all relief received.Having this managed by women has also prevented mob frenzy by desperate people as still-scarce supplies come in - people don't snatch things from women.” Local organisations that are already embedded in communities offer the best way to get emergency help to as many as possible.Nepali says: “We are overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of the young people who are volunteering.” Together they move from camp to camp, identifying children who have become separated from adults in the confusion.They help them write their names and their parent’s or guardian’s names, and any contact details, and this little piece of paper is then carried on the person of each child to help ‘finders’ contact parents.They also ask army personnel guarding the camps to spread the message. Sanjog Thakuri, who works with Yuwalaya, a youth-led NGO, says: “We have more than 500 young volunteers, including many women and young girls - nurses, doctors, public health workers, social media enthusiasts - and their commitment is wonderful.” From next week they will be going to the twelve most affected districts to talk about sanitation, hygiene, child safe spaces, and protection issues focusing on girls; and mostly it’s young girls who have been selected as facilitators.Almost every small organisation - and Nepal has thousands of them - has responded to the crisis. Sangay Amina Bomzon, who works for Handicap International, was one of the first people to be interviewed on BBC - she and her sons had been working tirelessly from within three hours of the earthquake, carrying the injured to x-ray rooms in the hospital.

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