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If you really want to date a Ukrainian lady – you have come to the right place! It's one of the most X-rated apps Channel 3 Eyewitness News has ever seen, and it's something more and more young people are using to chat with strangers.We did some digging and found many reasons why you should check your child's phone to see if they use it.Omegle is an app and a website that uses the tagline, Scott Driscoll, of Internet Safety Concepts, said that tagline alone is reason enough to be concerned."It's just a couple of clicks of the mouse on your computer, or a couple of touches on the tablet and you're communicating live with strangers from anywhere around the world," he said.The mobile app is just like texting."As soon as you connect," he said."You are instantly talking and texting with a stranger.The questions being asked are not just hey how are you, it's usually geared toward sex, finding out the person's age and their location."The website is a video chat, and you can do it two different ways - monitored or unmonitored.There's live audio and video streaming, and when WFSB went to the unmonitored site, we flipped through seven different people, and four of those were live streams of men performing sex acts."That's why it's important for young kids to understand, this is not a place for them to be," Driscoll said."It's important for parents to understand their kids should not be doing this."There's no login, no profiles and it's completely random."There's no screening process," he said."You click and you're connected."And once you disconnect with one person, you're instantly connected to someone else."When kids have their laptops in their bedroom with audio and video, they just invited a stranger into their bedroom," Driscoll said."We wouldn't let that happen in the real world, so it shouldn't be happening over the internet."Channel 3 Eyewitness News found another app that Driscoll said is just as dangerous.

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