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Ballymena Crown Court was told the Alastair Leighton, a 34-year-old farm labourer was caught by detectives after being identified on video footage taken outside Kelly's nightclub in Portrush, County Antrim.With the aid of an unsuspecting doorman, Leighton helped carry Miss Hamill to his car before driving to a beach car park where he raped her.

He said: "Men of your kind often cannot be distinguished in appearance or manner from those who would not act with impropriety."Gordon Kerr QC, prosecuting, said Leighton told police he had killed Miss Hamill because he was scared of being caught for his sexual attack on her. I think I just stabbed her on the throat with something."Anthony Cinnamond QC, defending, said his client, who had no previous criminal record for violence, had shown "genuine remorse".Leighton said: "I went down on the beach and pulled her out of the car. Leighton, who was originally from Ballymoney in Co Antrim, had come from a very respectable family which had broken off contact with him after the murder."Mr Leighton is genuinely sorry, remorseful and horrified by what he did that night and so is his family.All that can be done is to extend sympathy to the family of the dead girl who have suffered this appalling bereavement."Mr Cinnamond said the tragedy occurred at the end of what should have been an enjoyable night out."None of the parties could have possibly forecast at the beginning of the evening what was to occur."He said that Leighton had downed a considerable amount of drink.Leighton was also given concurrent sentences totalling 33 years for abduction and rape.A teenager made a frantic last phone call to his father as he lay trapped in front of an oncoming train, an inquest heard.Ryan Quinn, 14, whose hand was trapped in a cattle grid, said in the tragic cry for help: 'Daddy, you are going to have to come quickly.I cannot get out, my knuckle is stuck.'But as his father Ivan rushed to the scene the schoolboy was run over by the oncoming train.Moments before he died, he claimed he had been attacked in a nearby bar and was being chased in Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland.Police launched a murder investigation following the tragedy in January 2009, but no one has ever been charged due to a lack of evidence.Ryan was hit by the late-night train travelling from from Coleraine to Portrush and suffered massive injuries.

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