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Vice President Mike Pence became the latest member of the Trump administration to lawyer up Thursday, announcing that he had hired an outside attorney, Richard Cullen, to deal with the ongoing probe of Russian meddling in the 2016 U. But other parts of his resume attracted even more interest. Though Trump spent his campaign pledging to “drain the swamp,” the phrase is not his invention. News reports described the sterling reputation of Cullen, 69, a former Virginia attorney general and longtime Washington insider who played crucial roles in some of the most high-profile political investigations of the last several decades. Outside of President Trump’s chosen personal attorney, a New York-based corporate lawyer, the legal minds affiliated with the Russia probe are indeed all part of the same web – or dwellers in the same swamp, if that’s how you see Washington.

Even Cullen, fresh out of college in the 1970s, was involved with Watergate from the sidelines.

He served on the campaign staff for Republican Rep. Caldwell Butler of Virginia, a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

“And lo and behold, there’s the impeachment,” Cullen recalled in a 2007 profile in Richmond Law Magazine.

As a swing vote, Butler played a crucial role in Nixon’s impeachment hearings, and Cullen often fielded questions from reporters covering it. Paul Trible (R., Va.) in the Iran-contra investigations.

Years later, he served as special counsel to then U. As the Richmond Law magazine profile stated it, “Cullen has frequently crossed paths with the powerful, the famous and the infamous.” Comey and Cullen worked together at law firm Mc Guire Woods between 19. Cullen, who is now chairman of Mc Guire Woods, has often spoken highly of Comey in the press.

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