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There are untold Christians, both saints and leaders alike, living in a marriage without intimacy, or sex as the true term is coined.

This terminology for this type of marriage, whether Christian or not is deemed a “sexless marriage.”More than you know!

According to experts, a sexless relationship is one in which the frequency of sex has dwindled to 10 times or less in a year.

Sex chat without condition

And rather than deal with these vital issues, oftentimes the one spouse that is without such intimacy attempts to fill the void by being extra active in other areas of their life, such as church ministry, sports, hobbies, etc.

And while these areas of activity “sound” good, it is not only wrong, but it is an almost impossible unsustainable task to “go without” intimacy simply by sheer fact that God made us this way. The devil perverts it outside of marriage, but intimacy and sex still comes from God’s design for our marriages.

Lead me not into temptation In particular, for us as Christians, this poses an added danger – infidelity. According to columnist Sheeri Mitchell, she writes to Christian women about Christian couples in a sexless marriage:"I have heard every excuse imaginable – whether it’s not having enough time, being worn down by housework (not to mention that he (meaning the husband) doesn’t help with the housework or the children), needing to unwind from a long workday herself, being unhappy with her body, being repulsed by his body, working through resentment against him for something he did this morning, last week, ten years ago…I have truly heard some doosies...

When the spouse is forced to “fend for themselves” it poses the potential temptation in their path, and many times the spouse that is withholding has no idea that their actions of not being intimate is in fact a key factor in pushing their spouse into infidelity. But an excuse is an excuse is an excuse no matter how cleverly or eloquently phrased it is.

It’s noted in many counseling sessions by many Christian counselors that when probing into situations of infidelity, many surprising twists and turns pop up that reveal that it’s not only the responsibility of the one that fell into adultery, but a surprising number finds that it is often the spouse that remained visibly faithful that oftentimes is the culprit of “pushing” their spouse into the cold, open field for the enemy to hunt down. And apart from 6-weeks postpartum recovery, other physical conditions that prevent a couple from being able to have sex, and/or damage resulting from abuse, truthfully, there just isn’t any excuse that holds up for a wife not “giving it up” regularly...

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