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examined the life of young prostitutes, this time looking at how social media has become a major factor nowadays for procuring clients.

The story follows three Hong Kong girls with double lives and the fallout that occurs when one of them goes missing (Kabby Hui) after a drug deal gone bad.

As Yan is the daughter of a famous celebrity, her disappearance brings plenty of attention and her mother, Irene (played by veteran Hong Kong actress, Irene Wan), is willing to offer 0,000 to locate her missing daughter.

There is some ambiguity about the motivation of Yan’s prostitution-dabbling, social media friends, poor girl, Wai Wai (Heidi Lee) and mute Wai Ying (Rainky Wai).

However, while the reward money is a serious lure, the girls also know the types of risks Yan has been exposed to as they have been taking exactly the same risks – and more.

Working through a series of online messaging and phone call networks, Wai Wai and Wai Ying begin their investigation of schoolgirls, prostitutes, nannies, boyfriends and pimps (though not in that order).

Of course, when the reward money becomes general knowledge and a suspicion grows that Yan may have stashed the stolen drugs somewhere, gangsters and other reprobates also develop an interest in the missing girl’s whereabouts.

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