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Though he had a dream to be a professional basketball player, his life track got him to the field of rap when he had an ankle injury while playing basketball.

In order to play basketball, he even joined the junior college in California.

Starting a career in music was a kind of e for him after being raised in a family fighting with criminal activity and addiction.

Even after coming from such circumstances, he never let to get caught up in the world of gangsters and bling.

The Mexican rapper from nationality previously performed with his stage name ‘Baby Beesh’ from the year 1995 to 1998 being a part of Dope House Records but later on, he changed his part of his name to ‘Bash’.

He, himself, doesn’t have any idea where he is the ‘Bash’ icon from but his initial name ‘Beesh’ came from the fact that he used to drive in a Mitsubishi.

His first and foremost album released was ‘Savage Dreams’ which was a great hit in the chart.

The album was serially followed by other albums like ‘On Tha Cool’ and ‘The Smokin’ Nephew’.

He released a new single in collaboration with the famous singer, Akon named as Super Saucy in the year 2005.

He also worked with T-Pain for new single named ‘Cyclone’ which was followed up by ‘What Is It’ featuring Sean Kingston.

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