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Sara bareilles dating life

Sara Beth Bareilles is a singer/ songwriter who was born in Eureka, California, United States of America.

She was born as the second of three daughters to their middle class parents.

As a young girl, she was fantasied by theatre and was involved in some stage acts early in her life.

Later, she was more into music and learned to play guitar at her where she graduated in 1998.

She considered she had a pretty good school life and it shaped her for what she is today. Soon, after singing some cover songs of different artists, she started to come up with her own lyrics and music.

After she left the teatre group, she was involved with the music team and performed in many programs for her school. She made many friends and one of them was the crew of music band student’s concert.

She is of American nationality and was brought up as a Christian by religion.

A good looking woman, Sara is also very gracious in her character as well.With those shiny brown eyes, her face looks much pretty with her hot lips that carry her gorgeous smile, a sign of her confidence.She is also a good company to be around with, and has a good sense of humor and makes everyone smile and cheerful.Her down to earth nature and her intelligence makes it easy for her to make friends and admirers quiet easily.With some good fashion sense, she has revealed herself in some sexy clothes and posed for some photo shoots, pictures that you can find in her Instagram account.However, she seems to be single currently and as she doesn’t discuss about her private life to the media, we don’t have her dating list till now.Either she hasn’t had a partner till date or she doesn’t want others to know about it.She definitely isn’t married and thus no query about her husband or children has come forth.With more than 5 albums and many songs, she has proved herself to be a good singer and musician.Her dedication towards her work has been praised by many and her fame and fans are the awards that she has got.She also has won or been nominated for many different awards and has enjoyed much success.

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