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solidified who Aidan, Sally and Josh were, the new season will see the trio being faced with life-altering and game-changing scenarios.

Witwer: Suren is someone Aidan had deep feelings for 80 years ago.The problem with Aidan engaging in a relationship with her now is that he's a different guy.In some ways, it's a sad story because these people are in the middle of a tornado trying to cling to each other. If they're not arguing, they're having sex. Not only will you see that in modern day, we tell a pretty large story that takes place in the '30s in the course of more than two episodes.Aidan's goal of becoming a better man and kicking the habit in turns of the drugs he's been addicted to, so to speak, those goals are at odds with dating a vampire princess. THR: Just in the first two episodes, there was history between them. We also tell another story that takes place in 1918.We relate these stories to what's happening now.You get to learn a lot more things about Aidan; we get to see all of the things we heard about in season 1. You mentioned that he'll start to take on some of those traits ...Witwer: With Bishop, he had the example of what he didn't want to be.Now that he's gone, he doesn't have that to fight against.In fact, we see that in some ways he misses Bishop.While they were constnatly at odds, there was a deep love between those guys.What we do see is aspects of Bishop will seep into Aidan; after all, he was raised by this guy.

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