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The tagline for Skype is “doing things together, whenever you’re apart.” Sounds like a great concept when it comes to paying a visit to your grandma in Minnesota (without hopping on a plane) or setting up a face-to-face meeting with that business client in Amsterdam (again, without taking to the skies).

But what happens when you’d like to plan a Skype date with that new gal in your life?

Go completely above and beyond and include candles and a nice bottle of wine.

If you’re planning a Skype date, then treat it like a real, in-person date.

Don’t think you can get away with sweatpants and a frozen pizza just because she can’t see your filthy bachelor pad.

Make the evening special just as if you brought her to a nice restaurant or to see a play.

Usually video chat dating is a faster and better way to get to know new people when compared with the traditional text message dating.

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