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Naturally, you cannot "buy" a bride nor there are "Russian brides for sale" (on the Internet or otherwise), however, there is a growing interest among western men in European women, particularly in Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European women, and as with anything in high demand, there are people who try to take advantage of the inexperienced.

The scammers use pre-written letters to establish a "relationship" seemingly "falling in love" over the course of correspondence.

After exchanging 10-20 letters, they suggest to visit the man in his home country, and ask money for a visa and tickets (thus the name "visa and tickets scam").

This type of scam is conducted by an online website, which features real Russian women, however, in reality it is just a money sucking machine by the "agency" designed purposefully to make you pay and pay and pay, and not to help you develop a relationship with any of these women.

You want to meet real women (some of which indeed want to meet foreign men, for others it's just a job - they are getting paid to be featured as "brides"); however, you cannot really meet these women because of the 2 layers in between (Online Agency and Local Agency), which both try to prevent you from getting in direct contact with real women. Because they make money when you cannot talk to women directly and nothing when you can., and you have to pay for each mail sent and received (or for each minute of online chat/text messaging or video chat).

Let's say, you pay $6 per mail: $4 goes to the Online Agency and $2 (commission) goes to the Local Agency.

And because you would not want to pay this money for just having your letters forwarded through the mailing system, the agency calls it "translation" - i.e.

you are paying for translations to translate the letters you send to Russian/Ukrainian for women, and to translate their letters back to English for you.

This may not sound suspicious or seem to be unfair (translation is work and should be paid for), however, this is highly unlikely your intended recipient (the real woman) ever sees your letter. Is the Local Agency interested in women starting an exclusive relationship with ONE man? The Local Agency is interested in getting as many as possible letters through the system, or to be paid per minute for online texts and video chat.

Imagine how much work should be going into that, really translating your mail (for a mere ) and then contacting the woman and giving her your letter - because women absolutely cannot get your mails any other way than through the Local Agency (they also cannot register on the site of the Online Agency without being registered with a Local Agency - the Local Agency is the Online Agency's protection against the clients exchanging direct contact details and getting into a real relationship As such, the Online Agency pushes all the legwork onto Local Agencies (hundreds of them), which it obviously cannot control and check, and the only way for a local agency to make money is the mere "translation" payouts for sending letters to and from women. is the Local Agency interested in women getting into real relationships, i.e. Here, you think you would be getting the real deal seeing women online or chatting to them by text in real time.

However, it will never be unless you are NOT paying for it.

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