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Rosa acosta dating rob kardashian

The dancer’s love life has always been in question, but it appears as though there is a new budding relationship that might be growing into something special.

Hip Hollywood attended an event for Nikki Muddarris and Rosa’s pop up shop, Cossamia in Los Angeles over the weekend, and Rosa arrived to the event arm in arm with fitness guru, Carter the Body.

We help each other out.” By the looks of things, something more is appears to be going on, but when we tried to pry more, they insisted, “we are” just workout buddies.

Friends or not, we had to ask about Rosa’s new rumored relationship with her friend and now business partner, Nikki.

“Nikki and I are cool and we like doing business together,” Rosa said.

And of course, just like every reality star, they dropped the “you’ll have to watch the show” see what’s really going.

Needless to say, Rosa is clearly very, very admired.

If you thought Oprah Winfrey was going to respond to recent comments by Mo’Nique or even president Donald Trump … The queen of daytime stayed true to form and took the high road when we asked if she’d ever consider doing an interview with any of her detractors. I don’t bring it into my sphere,” she said while promoting ) and Lee Daniels had her blackballed in Hollywood and that is why she hasn’t worked in 8 years.

In recent interviews, she is still talking about Winfrey and has even insinuated she doesn’t support Black women. As for Trump, y’all already know he loves to troll and has been a hater since birth.

No surprise there that Oprah isn’t going to give him the time of day …

I feel like more than 80% of the world wouldn't get up in front of 40 million people and dance on national television, and if I have the confidence to do that then that's a step ahead in my life for me in terms of personal goals.

I will gain a lot of confidence in all aspects right there.

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