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Warning, you may get a little butthurt along the way, so feel free to agree, disagree, and enjoy the journey down the rabbit hole. For category specific articles, see the relevant sections below. complete with escalation, lines, outcomes, stories, and videos.

His background in evo psych and his distillation of the mystery method gleans unique and unparalleled epiphanies that help cement the pillars of manosphere. dissects and simplifies the complexities of socio-sexual dynamics. Others in this league include Lucky Lothario, Maverick Traveler, Wall Street Playboys, Bold & Determined, Tim Ferriss, and a handful of others whom I will expand on in another link page dedicated purely to this realm.

His knowledge is eloquently stated with witty deliverance. Cognitive dissonance is dissolved into clarity, as Rollo recreates the narrative from a rational masculine frame. In a nutshell, higher level game amps up life as it was meant to live with regard to money, health, travel, etc, based on the principles of game.

Mastery of the language and game puts hamsters in his radar on the endangered species list. As a result, their application and expression of game is rather remarkable. – Ricky Raw, spilling the beans about the farce of feminist conventions and the male response to game the situation. Map of the manosphere, providing a more detailed view of the bloggers & topics covered Gateway to the Manosphere Manosphere lingo CATEGORICAL RELEVANCE Below are highlights by category of some solid articles which cut to the chase.

I have selected some of the more influential articles that cover the core aspects of game, and then added sections that are relevant to my niche of game (daygame, outcomes).

Once you isolate your type of game based on your interest, skillset, and lifestyle, hone in on the core areas and your developmental gaps, and you will notice a significant improvement in your approach and neutral state.

I was a former nice guy who did not have trouble building attraction or comfort, however I did not properly recognize/build attraction, escalate, or effectively react to shit tests until learning game.I found it easier to let my strengths run on autopilot, then isolate and incrementally improve on my weaknesses in game to advance. If you would like to jump to a specific section, navigate through the tabs on the top of the page.Dynamics seem to be the most popular section, however you may pick up a thing or two from Context, Outcomes, and the Appendix.If you have any recommendations for article additions, comment below and I will consider adding to the collection.The objective of this collection is not to shame, bash, or undermine, but to glean perspective from the disarray of clashing views by compartmentalizing thoughts into morsels of masculine enlightenment that enable the modern man to seek out his element and maximize the input/output of his inherent and earned value. Behind the menutia of attitudes and exchanges of banter, there are cultural forces in play that seep through the DNA of it all. This section unhinges the hindbrain, and taps into the evolutionary and cultural dynamics that puppeteer certain frames of mind.If you are new to the manosphere, and tend to be introverted and rational, open this Pandora’s box and reset the baseline. This will set the course for a mass re-engineering, and that rewiring will subconsciously seep into your interactions, engaging a deeper awareness that activates a greater reliance on instinct instead of social convention. Important concepts include the baseline for feminism, cultural and parental influence in game, sexual market value by gender, social conventions, and the fundamental principle that women are the gatekeepers of sex, while men are the gatekeepers of commitment.CONTEXT & SOCIETY The Misandry bubble – the devolution of feminism – of the middle-class alpha male (fantastic) – Feminist dream vs.nightmare – Social crumblings – Inner game in the turbulent 20s – Culture affects game – Manosphere & society – Feminism as the trojan horse for communism – Economic laws and sexual dynamics – Economics of game (heavy stuff) – MARKETPLACE & VALUE Sexual Market Value – Sexual Market Place navigation – Hypergamy – The stacked odds of online dating (mindf*ck) – When women hit the wall – The double standard – Feminine reality – Fem-centrism – Post-modern feminism & women’s (un)happiness – Females as gatekeepers – Nice guys/Jerks – “Nice guy” translation – Chivalry – AFC conventions – Notch count – Operative social conventions – The numbers game fallacy – Later marriage – charts – UNPLUG FROM THE MATRIX – taking the Red Pill Unplug – Breaking beta – Beta buffers – Beta game – AFC (average frustrated chump) – Bitter taste of the red pill – Deciphering female conventions – The truth and the denial – Compliments – Passive-aggressiveness – White Knight – The beta hamster – Pedestalizing women – One-itis – Curing one-itis – Objectification & idealization – Filtering out insecurity – Unconditional – Filtering mainstream dating advice – FAMILY INFLUENCE Fathers and non-advice – Fathers and advice – The beta father – More fatherhood – ………… Passive game enables a man to develop and project value (consciously or subconsciously), and active game focuses on the pursuit (direct or indirect).This section overlaps and weaves between the two modes, and includes non-verbals, lines, relationship management, dynamics, and everything in between.It also delves into the elements of sexual market value, and the bargaining chips of each gender during the negotiation of that chemical combustion.Important concepts include abundance (the great equalizer), screening and shattering shit tests, frame control, elements of the female psyche, escalation, LJBF, looks, and approach.

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