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Red flags in dating a woman

“Yes, I understand what you are saying but what matters is that I love him (her) and he (she) loves me too.He (she) will change when we are married, I will make sure of that by working on him (her)” Those are the words that greet you as response when you try to advise a guy or lady ‘in love’ about ‘Red Flags’ when they are courting. The truth is that no one can change another by working on them.

The reality people choose to ignore in relationships is that; red flags in dating turn into bill boards in marriage.

This is because in marriage, you spend more time with the person and there is no avenue for pretence. As humans, we naturally love to express ourselves and selfishly want to have it our way most of the time.

Now, that is the real dish in marriage; it comes all out, bare, naked and real….!!!

Red Flag is a warning or danger signal based on the behavior or character flaws of your would-be partner.

Something about their habit, person or character that demands attention or provokes an irritated reaction.

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Okay, she lies to you once, then twice, then thrice, and its uncountable now……is a red flag.

He holds you tight when he is angry and pushes you hard to fall during courtship.

I need not tell you that he’ll throw a fist at you in marriage.

I am not saying dealing with the red flags during courtship or letting go off that person will prevent future marriage challenges, no.

it will only give you the ones you can handle, that will strengthen your marriage relationship with your spouse as both of you grow together in understanding and love.

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