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Receding hairline effects dating

Scientists from the universities of Bonn and Düsseldorf , Germany, have shown that specific changes in the genetic 'construction manual' of the androgen receptor may result in premature balding.The affected gene lies on the x chromosome; men inherit the defect therefore from their mother -- supporting the widespread assumption that as far as hair loss is concerned men take after their maternal grandfather rather than their father.

There are hardly any successful counter-measures – despite an enormous range of obscure lotions and tinctures.

It has long been suspected that hereditary factors are important in causing hair loss.

However, up to now it was unclear which genes are involved.

The researchers in the team headed by Professor Markus Nöthen of the Life & Brain Centre of the Bonn University Clinic and Dr.

Roland Kruse of the Skin Clinic of Düsseldorf University Clinic seem to have now discovered one of the factors responsible for the first time.

For several years the researchers had searched nationwide for families in which several men were affected by hair loss.

In blood samples taken from the volunteers they then looked for candidate genes – and eventually discovered them: in their initial step they succeeded in narrowing down the search to a series of areas on various chromosomes.

In an area where the largest contribution was suspected lay the gene for the androgen receptor.

"One variant of this gene was found among men who suffered from premature balding at a very early stage very much more often than among men who still had a full head of hair when over 60," Professor Nöthen says.

More androgen receptors in the scalp Probably the genetic variant results in more androgen receptors in the scalp.

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