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Guess The Kitty is the violent version of the "Kitty Quiz" game.In this game, you also have to guess the profession or breed of the little cats. Have fun guessing what kinds of cute cats these are in Kitty Quiz, the quiz game where you score pints for every type you guess correctly.

Dress this cat family snugly in colourful gilets, hats and sunglasses so they stay warm as toast for their day on the slopes. When people's cats get a minor injury, they will bring their adorable pets to you.

See what is wrong with each cat and bring them to the right room for treatment.

You will be treating all kinds of feline aliments, from bad appetite to splinters and damaged teeth. Have you met our little kitty that we've adopted last time? So, we have decided to celebrate its birthday and we've organized a big birthday party! So, go and get dressed as soon as possible, but don't forget to dress up like a little cat! Doesn't this cute and little kitty cat look like the sweetest thing ever?

Can you make all the cute cats healthy and happy again? Well we think it's so cute and needs a peaceful home. Because we love cats and don't want anyone of them to stay outside, especially on cold weathers!

Now, you go out and bring a helpless kitty cat with you! And the best job in the world is working as a cat carer!

But don't forget; you need to dress up cat-like not to scare them of! Have your very own pet, dress them up, decorate their house and watch them as they live and learn! You can meet lots of different cats every day, take care of and play with them all the time.

Meet new friends, chat and socialize - anything you want you can have! If you want to experience such a fun job, here is the opportunity.

Cool costumes, beautiful decorations and skillful pockies! We're gonna participate in a costume party tonight! Everybody had to be an animal so we decided to be little kitties, we found some costumes but can't decide which to choose! Don't hesitate, open your own cat care place and do a great job!

We have a great game for all those whose hearts are full of animal love and want to become a veterinarian in the future! She really loves and cares for all types of animals. She has a female cat called Kitty and she likes to play and spend time with her cute feline friend.

This is your new animal hospital where you can meet lots of cute but sick animals and help them recover with your veterinary skills. Another thing Becky loves is fashion and as a cat person she likes to wear matching accessories with her cat. Would you like to care for a little puppy or kitten?

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