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Problems dir 655 validating identity

Building contracts (hereinafter VZ) is to ensure the implementation of technical inspections and regular inspections of electronic security systems (ESS), closed circuit television (CCTV), key management (ACS and instrumentation), electronic fire systems (EPS), home phones and videophones (DT a VDT), Programming, design, construction, activation, commissioning, training, close-out, and opening of a multi-level Administrative Building, demolition of two (2) existing buildings, the construction of North Campus Road and East Campus Road to allow full vehicular and pedestrian access around the perimeter of the campus, and restoration of pavement and landscaping at the San Francisco International Airport''s CAC site on North Mc Donnell Road at West Field Road at the San Francisco International Airport.

The mission entrusted a mission will "witness" infrastructure with complementary mission and Quantitative Estimate Estimate.

Installation of a model of perimeter protection on the camp ground of sailors in Versailles, including several passive protection systems and assets related to a hypervisor for recording and exploitation of results.

Price Roster for potential future acquisition of digital certificates, including certificates and cryptographic tokens for individuals ICP-BRAZIL type A3, CERT-JUS, additional visits for validation and issuance in order to meet the demands of the Judiciary of the State of Mato Grosso Power, according to the conditions and specifications set out in paragraph Terms of Reference. The purchase and installation of all software and hardware components including security gates and self check stations and RFID wants to support the implementation of radio frequency identification technology: Electronic Auction - Company Contracts for the provision of armed security services, continuously, to meet the Administrative Office of Suest / RO, 2 daytime 12x36 posts and 2 evening 12x36 posts as Notice, Terms of Reference and other attachments.- Provision of integrated services solution perimeter security that enables visibility and control traffic, Web content filtering, preventing modern network threats, data filtering, VPN and granular control of bandwidth network, including supply of equipment and integrated software?

Appliance in leasing mode; licensing, upgrading and operation assurance with technical support during the period of twelve (12) months, according to specifications and conditions laid down in Annex I? Rudersdal hereby offers electronic key system for home care in Rudersdal.

The electronic key system to be used by the citizens in their own home, which is now the subject of a key system (physical keys).

Problems dir 655 validating identity

With the electronic key system is to increase safety for citizens and improved workflow for home care.

The electronic key system to contain the locking devices and qualifying devices and associated software for managing locks and qualifying devices.

Offering therefore includes both the supply of locking devices and qualifying units, initial installation aflseenheder This contract is for all the services to ensure the maintenance and development of systems architectures, networks and devices of video cameras guard the territory of the Urban Community of Seine-Essonne This consultation is intended to replace the CCTV system on a number of buses. Selection and contracting company specialized in providing (with installation and deployment) from materials and equipment Electronics Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and other security systems (electrified fence, metal detectors and / or barrier sensors), to meet the needs of the units of the Prosecutor's Office in Paraba.

This is a contract to purchase monoattributaire order. Supply and installation of a monitoring system in remote server using video analytic software, equipment biometric access control with door opening to the new offices in Aeroparque ORSNA controllers and biometric acquisition schedule for new Coordinating Units Aeroportuarias"The selection of a contractor to carry out the non-warranty maintenance and upgrade of the system to control access to the buildings of the Ministry of health – square." The World No 5 and Sunday, "Bull. Stamboliyski "No 39"Security system including a card access control system, an anti-intrusion alarm system and a setof panic buttons for a new building.

The systemmust be connected to the system included in theadjacent building.

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