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Problem updating iphone 4 to ios 7

The new i OS 11 was just released by Apple, and you can install it right now.Overall, it's got some great features, but how does it fare battery-wise on your i Phone?

To help you sort through the chaos, we've compiled the best of the best to make it as easy as possible to boost your i Phone's everyday battery life.

If you just updated your i Phone to i OS 11, give it a few days to fully reindex and cache everything before you start freaking out.

Things should normalize after a day or two, or even less time, so just give it a little time.

If that doesn't do the trick for you or you want to dive right into tweaking your settings, then keep on reading to see what you can do. You should be able to see what apps have been draining your i Phone's battery life over the last 24 hours, as well as another period of time (usually seven days).

If you tap on any of the apps in the list, or if you tap the clock icon in the top-right corner next to the time tabs, you will see how much time each app has been used on the screen, as well has how much time the app has spent working in the background.

Background app refresh allows your apps to continue to work in the background while you focus on other tasks. To improve daily battery life, disable this feature.You can find it by heading to Settings – Background App Refresh.You can disable background app refresh for certain applications that show heavy background activity, or you can disable all background activity.I'd stick with the former option for troublesome apps only.If you are connected to Wi-Fi, you don't need your i Phone to search for data as well. First, you can just tap on the new Cellular Data control in the Control Center.When youready to get back on, just tap no it again.Second, you can go to Cellular, then disable Cellular Data at the top of the page.Just remember to turn it back on when you leave Wi-Fi.And don't worry about missing important phone calls — this option has nothing to do with making or receiving calls.If you can't stand the idea of Facebook not updating all the time, you can choose to disable cellular data on an individual app basis from the Cellular settings as well.You're not always connected to these features, but when they are powered on, they're looking to connect.

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