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Printing had been working fine up until an hour ago.Now getting the above error, Operation could not be completed, error 0x0000007f (abbreviated 0x7f? Windows 7 Pro on Windows 2008 server domain controller. (so printing services seem to be ok) The 3 printers NOT working are 3 Zebra label printers, all USB.One is USB native, the other two are parallel with USB to Parallel converters. Turn OFF SNMP for the trouble printers attached to the server..... I used System Restore and went back to about the end of May which is one of the last restore points only bc this PC wasnt used all summer.

the usb converter loaded fine, I loaded the proper Zebra Z4m driver and test printed fine. I figured out I could unplug the network cable and log in. So, on a lark, I system restored back to the day before yesterday. I'd agree with the PCI card, however this is an ultra small form factor Optiplex and I wouldnt be able to fit two of those in there. I dont think the converters were the issue, I think we are having memory, hard drive (SSD) or motherboard issues and the registry got a bit corrupted.

I rebooted the trouble PC, power cycled the printers, unplugged and plugged the usb converters and nothing still. Event logs don't seem to show any errors related to printing. Same trust relationship malarkey, so I did the same thing and this time rejoined the domain. An intuitive utility to help find the CSS path to UI elements on a webpage.

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I came across this issue again on another system, not on a domain. I tried removing the device but it wouldn't delete the printer so I unplugged the usb cable, restarted the PC then deleted it again, then plugged usb cable back in, Windows redetected the printer and it worked.

This problem happened after updating UPS Worldship to version 2014.All other label and regular printers worked, only the UPS issued Zebra ZP 450-200 had the problem.Once again having this error on the original PC, by the way, it is an Optiplex 790 with 3rd Gen Core i5, 32 bit Win 7 and 4GB RAM.This time, the user needed to restart the PC mid day, during which Windows update installed Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - March 2014 (KB890830) The last time it happened, the PC hadnt been run in a month so it did a lot of updates, including a "Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool " update.The user also turns off all 4 Zebra label printers they have connected to it using a power strip when she restarts the PC.Maybe the timing of the restart is messing up Windows. More information about possible solutions read here how to solve paper jam error Ink cartridges are installed incorrectly. You may also need to turn the printer off and on again. If there is no paper jam, read possible solutions here or contact Epson for support. Remove the jammed paper, then press the button displayed on the LCD screen.Press down each of the ink cartridges gently to make sure they are installed correctly.If Your printer has been updated from Epson server and You use not original ink cartridges – they may be not recognized by printer and You have to make Firmware DOWNGRADE.

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